Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via electromagnetic waves to exchange data between a terminal and an object such as a product (i.e. a rechargeable drink cup) for the purpose of identification and tracking.


What testing methods are used to evaluate the safety of the RF signals on the soda dispensers? 

The RFID enabled soda dispensers are tested by an accredited third party lab in accordance with FCC regulations to ensure customer safety and compliance.


Does the Cup store personal information of any kind? 

No, the RFID tag does not store personal information.


How long does the guest have to wait before they can refill their cup?

 Each location specifies the wait time required between fills. This wait time is set by each company and can vary, but typically the wait time is 5 minutes.


What information is stored on the RFID tag attached cup? 

The RFID tag stores multiple types of information to include the following:

·  Cup Type (Hot or Cold)

·  Cup Size (in Ounces)

·  Company

·  Location

·  Date Purchased

·  Location Purchased

·  Number of Times Used

·  Number of Refills Remaining (Date or Specific #)

·  Time of Last Use


Can more than one guest use the ValidFill beverage dispenser at the same time? 

Yes, for multi-valve dispensers the system is designed to handle up to 6 guests using the same machine at one time. 


Can a guest do a suicide pour/mixed drink pour? 

The system allows the guest to mix multiple flavors for each fill. The system monitors the number of ounces dispensed from each flavor and allows the guest to continue to pour until the total ounces allowed is dispensed.


Can the guest pour part of their fill now and finish filling their cup later?

 Once the guest starts to fill their cup, the guest has approximately 70 seconds to use the allowable ounces for that fill. After 70 seconds, the cup is charged a fill regardless of how many ounces of soda was dispensed. 


How many ounces of soda can a guest receive with each fill? 

The RFID enabled cup stores the capacity of the cup and will dispense up to that amount. Some clients elect to have the total number of ounces dispensed to be more or less than the size of the cup.


Is the RFID cup microwave safe?

 No, the RFID cup is not microwave safe. The microwave will destroy the RFID tag and all available fills will be lost.


Can the client determine how many fills a guest has remaining on their cup? 

Every ValidFill system comes with Info Cards that can be used to read the information stored on the cup via the cup info screen. The cup info screen details the number of refills remaining, which will appear as a specific number of fills or a date and time.


How does the guest know how many fills remain on their cup?

 Each time the guest fills their cup, a pop-up message appears on the screen displaying how many fills remain on the cup. This information appears as a date and time or a specific number.


Is the RFID cup dishwasher safe? 

Some RFID cups are dishwasher safe and some are not. The RFID cups that are dishwasher safe will be labeled "Dishwasher Safe" on the bottom of the cup.


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