ValidFill uses the magic of RFID technology placed on drink ware to deliver a new level of intelligence and business opportunity to beverage dispensing.  Through its patented solution, ValidFill makes it possible to bring a control to your dispensed beverage business and customize a viable prepaid refill program that will generate greater levels of profits, speed of service, guest convenience and profitable sustainability.

ValidFill makes it possible to take your self-serve dispensed beverage business to places you never thought possible, while enjoying the benefits of prepaid revenue from your beverage program.  All operating 24/7, with no additional labor costs or employee oversight.  Imagine the possibilities. 







Whirley-DrinkWorks!, our strategic drinkware partner, is the largest souvenir drink vessel manufacturer in the world.  They offer a complete product line to match the customer needs in each of the segments in which we operate as well as complete custom vessel development capabilities when customers require unique new vessels.  The Whirley manufacturing team takes encoded and encrypted RFID tags and embeds them in refillable drinkware during manufacturing so drink vessels arrive consumer ready. 


The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is our exclusive partner for controlled fountain beverage dispensing and together we are able to bring both legacy fountain and Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser solutions and field support to customers across North America.